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  • Trump TX2 chassis package

    7 April at 10:45 from atlas

    The TX2 racing trike was designed to provide superior handling, stability, power down & rider comfort in an affordable new chassis. ...

  • Conventional trikes available now

    7 September at 09:44 from atlas

    In addition to skunkworks "TP" trikes built exclusively for Platt Racing a new Trump conventional trike - called "TX2" is now ...

  • Murray Bridge 2012 -1st anniversary

    6 September at 22:44 from atlas

    Trump has been in the trike world one year! After the initial excitement of debuting the radical FWD AWS "Silver Streak" at MB 2011, ...

  • FWD & Conventional trike

    14 January at 15:10 from atlas

    After Murray Bridge, we received many enquiries regarding purchase of fwd components & rolling chassis. These enquiries came to nothing ...

  • Murray Bridge 24 hr race

    19 September at 21:30 from atlas

    18 September 2011: Diary of a Trike builder (debuting new trike). ...

  • Platt Racing HPV Trike

    13 September at 14:58 from atlas

    12 Sept 2011: A comment from Maurie Platt last year that we should consider designing a trike for his team became one of those "careful ...


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