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The Trump trainer is a┬ásimple, cost effective trike designed solely for cornering practice and fitness training. As the seat, neck rest and steering controls carry over from the Trump race trikes, track time spent in the trainer is meaningful and realistic. To keep the cost down it is supplied as a basic chassis with steering, seating and neck rest only. Running gear and final assembly is not included in the basic price. The trainer can also be fitted to a standard wind trainer for a stationary work out. Ideal and economical way for team members to train as a group or gain additional trike time. The trainer is fold-able to fit in a station wagon or large sedan boot. A trainer can be fully factory assembled if desired, fitted with the same components used on our race trikes. (spares “on the hoof”!)

Price: $700.00 plus GST

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Mild steel back bone chassis. Incorporates the Tyro front cross member, uprights and brakes. Folding mechanism. Attachment points for wind trainer. Painted finish


1210 mm


650 mm

Turning Circle

10 m nominal.


Approx 26 kg completed (no fairing)

Brakes Front

70 mm Sturmey Archer drum components on Trump fabricated uprights, as used on the Tyro race trike

Brakes Rear


Brake Actuation

Bicycle levers mounted to steering levers


Twin levers operating each front upright. Drag link between front wheels.

Chain Control

Trump idler assembly under seat


Not included. Standard bike cranks required. Chassis fitted with 68mm BB shell


Not included


Not included


Not included


Not included

Front Sprocket

Not included

Neck Rest

Steel frame with fibre glass shell. Fully adjustable. All components as used on the Tyro race trike.


Fibre glass shell. Universal mount provisions on chassis. Same seat as Tyro, Rival, Vamp & Sport

Seat Belt

N/A. The chassis has no seat belt anchorages and cannot be raced.

Overall Dimensions

2050 mm L with 16" Scorchers and 67T sprocket, 700 mm W, 350 mm H ready to ride. Folds to the following overall dimensions:- 1200 mm L, 700 mm W, 520 mm H complete with 16" wheels and 67T sprocket intact but with seat & neck rest removed.

Wheels and Tyres

Not included. Any 16 " front wheel with Sturmey Archer drum hubs. Any 16" or 20" rear wheel with 135 mm drop out spacing (rim central with drop outs).


A full component kit is available, comprising:- standard 16" wheels, fitted with Scorcher tyres, 2 single brake levers and cables, 9 speed cassette, derailleur, bar end shifter and cable, chain, PE chain guard tube & brackets, 70T sprocket with fences, square drive BB, 165mm cranks. Kit price: – $1200 + GST. Factory assembly:- $100 + GST.