Rival2 standard specification features the TS5 chassis and body frame / roll cage. This simple chrome moly backbone chassis features a workshop adjustable 68 mm BB, 64mm power idler, slack side chain hanging idler, fixed composite seat and adjustable composite neck rest. For better access and enhanced roll over protection, Rival2 now features a full width, hinged access hatch, secured with 2 tonneau loops. The hatch also features a COP panel and padding, as required by AIPP regulations. Add your own design flute board fairing or purchase a Trump F4 fairing kit. Rival2 is an ideal “school” trike – high performance, simple, relatively inexpensive, instantly adjustable neck rest to suit different rider heights. Optional rider adjustable boom allows 120mm of boom length adjustment “on the run”.

Price: kit from $5,500 plus GST


Additional information


Chrome moly backbone chassis with fixed seat and workshop adjustable boom. Rider adjustable neck rest with 220mm of travel. Note – rider adjustable boom can be specified, with 120mm of travel. See Options below


1225 mm


655 mm

Turning Circle

12 m Nominal factory setting


28 kg

Brakes Front

Sturmey Archer 70 mm drums

Brakes Rear

None fitted standard. (Not recommended as all trikes are prone to locking rear brakes with consequent loss of control)

Brake Actuation

Twin single brake levers mounted on steering levers


"Push pull" design with levers mounted on each side, operating links to each front upright. Drag link between uprights.

Chain Control

Single 64mm power side idler under seat. Slack side chain stabilizer under seat and "hanging idler" from derailleur. PE tube chain guard to sprocket.


Standard bicycle cranks 165 mm. 110 PCD


9 speed. Powerlink joiner.


9 speed 11:25


Microshift short cage


Microshift bar end shifter. Indexing / friction transferable.

Front Sprocket

Trump 110 PCD standard. Available 65T 70T 75T 78T 80T. Fences on both sides.

Neck Rest

Chrome moly frame with fibreglass shell. 220 mm adjustment range. See Options below.


Trump fibreglass shell. Fixed.

Seat Belt

Hemco 4 point

Overall Dimensions

2690 mm L, 820 mm W, 770 mm H.

Wheels and Tyres

Front 16" with Sturmey Archer 70mm drum hubs. Rear 16" with 9 speed hub. 135mm between drop out brackets. Scorcher tyres.


Design your own or purchase a 2022 "F4" factory fairing kit. The standard body frame allows smooth elliptical flanks with a plain flat floor.


Flat-packed standard Trump 2022 fairing kit including:- all flute board panels, shaped to fit standard factory chrome moly frame / roll cage, inner front guards, reinforced adhesive tape, race tape, windscreen, PETG sheet for lid – (add $600.00); "6 hour race" package including proven components – horn, horn switch, mirrors, tail light – (add $200.00). Rider adjustable boom as shown in gallery (120 mm of adjustment) – (add $500.00). Longer neck rest frame (270 mm of adjustment) – (add $50.00). Pedals, speedo, transponder, drink bottle mounts, headlight etc are NOT included. NOTE: For best possible foot clearance and performance, road pedals with Shimano or Look Keo style cleats are required. Mountain bike pedals NOT advised as the cleats will be further apart (bad for screen clearance). Toe clip pedals "forbidden" as there WILL be screen &/or floor clearance problems and feet may separate from the pedals at any time causing potential instant leg injury or loss of control of the trike! Specifications subject to change without notice in the interests of ongoing performance and manufacturing improvements.
All prices plus GST.